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David Crabb

host of The Moth and Risk!, author of “Bad Kid,” a memoir based on his New York Times Critics Pick solo show

“To make a really good friend, you need a really good fucked up, neurotic, New York night to make magic happen…”


Amy heidt

writer, director, performer: UCB, NY Fringe Fest

“I’m holding a microphone while the background track plays, just going, ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry… for four minutes.”


Hannah Friedman

author of Everything Sucks, Pixar, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.

“It was open casket. [The monkey] wore a smoking jacket. In the tradition of a viking funeral, there were bananas laid out like oars...”


Patty schemel

author of “Hit So Hard,” drummer for Upset, Hole

“[REDACTED] goes, ‘Well, I know how to smoke out of my cooter because I stripped in Japan with the Yakuza.’”


JESSIE rosen

showrunner, host of Sunday Night Sex Talks, author of “Dead Ringer”

“We face each other, we flip down our bathing suit bottoms, and my deepest fears are confirmed…we are officially follicly not identical.”


nick scown & KATHI WATSON

Scown: writer/director of “Pretty Bad Actress” and the upcoming documentary “Too Soon: The Comedy of 9/11” Watson: co-creator of “Celebrity Ghost Stories”

“There are cowboys on jetski’s with lassos catching the bison. Why? These are shark infested waters, and the sharks have been feasting on the bison.”


Shauna Mcgarry

writer for BoJack Horseman and Tuca & Bertie

“He’s legit. This isn’t just a one hot tub guy. This guy has multiple hot tubs...”



Comedian and actor

Can we cut the sleeves off our shirts while we’re digging holes and roofing buildings?’ And they said, ‘No, because you might send the sex nuns into a relapse.’”


david montgomery

The Moth host, comedian, storyteller

“My ten year old nephew is holding court, and I’m like, ‘attention is my thing.’ I go over, is he doing a magic trick? He is telling all of his favorite racist jokes…”


john flynn

One half of “Two Old Queens” podcast, a UCBer, and a professional storyteller

“Oh, someone DID fall, tit-first, into that cake. You can tell…”


Danielle Perez

comedian, writer, actor, as seen like literally everywhere

“I’m not saying a glass dildo is the most noble thing to stand up for, but I took up space…”